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GODORT Chair's Program at ALA Annual 2019

Collectively Curating Government Information and Data: The PEGI Project and the Collective Impact Model

Access to government information is of vital importance to communities served by cultural memory institutions. However, changing information publication and dissemination practices have disrupted workflows for collecting, describing, accessing and preserving born-digital government information and data. The Preservation of Electronic Government Information (PEGI) Project, a two-year project to address these national concerns, brings together librarians and other information professionals who are seeking solutions to improve long-term access to at-risk born-digital government information of historical significance. 

The Collective Impact model (Kania and Kramer 2011) provides an approach for organizations from various sectors to come together to address a shared concern. The PEGI Project is using the Collective Impact model to create a national agenda, develop metrics, and bring interested parties together to work toward the preservation of electronic government information. This panel will discuss the work of the PEGI Project as an application of the Collective Impact model. 

The PEGI Project brings together collaborators from across the U.S. and from different types of organizations - academia, government, nonprofit - under the shared mission of preserving electronic government information. By raising awareness of coordination needs for grassroots projects that collect, describe, and provide access to content of immediate concern for their local stakeholders, we hope to reduce barriers to participating in this work and sustain collaborative efforts to preserve digital government information. 

ALA Unit/Subunit: GODORT
Meeting Type: Chair's Program
Cost: Included with full conference registration.
Open/Closed: Open


  • Martin Halbert (Dean of Libraries, University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

  • Roberta Sittel (Government Information Librarian, University of North Texas)

  • Shari Laster (Head of Open Stack Collections, ASU Library)

  • Lynda Kellam (Data Services and Government Information Librarian, University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

  • James Jacobs (US Government Information Librarian, Stanford University)

  • Deborah Caldwell (Diversity Resident Librarian, University of North Carolina at Greensboro)